Saturday, 6 July 2013

Canvas Eagles game

Normally I work Friday nights and so miss the local club gamenight, however I could make this month's and with the WWI airgame hosted, I grabbed my stuff and made the trip.

Predictably I was shot down once again...sigh....  OK, I don't play the game all that much. What, three times a year perhaps?  So, yes, not very skilled, but come on! Virtually every time??!  It has become the club joke for random members to come by and ask if I have been shot down yet. I was hoping to continue the "trend" and not only survive but actually shot another plane down like the last time I played.  But no.  Last turn was announced and only one 'red chit' was all it took. With 3 tail hits and a 'spin check' which I could not recover from and... splat. And this on the final turn. Sigh. 

Nevertheless with the silliness of the fellow players like the silly bugger sitting beside me (you know who you are!) who gave his pilot the name: "Fabulous Fabio Frankfort" for example, or for the unfortunate French pilot who was shot down early in the game.  For him it was a very SPAD day indeed.

But the game was good with Dave and Rene doing a good job keeping things going with dozen or so players including some kids around the table piloting the models.  They awarded prizes. Obviously not for any kills or such, but I gained a plane kit for my "best painted plane" which was a nice surprise.
My blue Fokker Triplane which always seems to be flying above the same farmhouse!  My terrained base among the plain white ones.  It is 'legal' as it has a level field to hold the altitude markers (level 4 for that turn) and the light gravel triangular field to show direction for all other players. 
The white cup aka the "Death Cup"  contains the hit chits to determine what hits and where you have sustained and to what extent.  A 'tail spin' did me in.

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