Tuesday, 16 July 2013

the Brunswick Light Infantry revisited

Well, sometimes you just have to repaint.....

While perhaps more historically 'accurate' in the tint of the color, the olive green  I used for trim of my Brunswick Light Infantry did not stand out against the black uniform. While I try not to let these silly little things get at me as I have a lot more other things to paint, once in the brain, I have to deal with it.  A wargamer OCD thing? Some other psychological malady? Don't know, but repaint I did. Didn't take all that long, but any time does cut into the stuff not already painted....
Converted Perry plastic British with pack rolls cut off and replaced with lengths of sprue for the distinctive white canteen and Austrian corsehut hat heads.
Mind you, now I happier with the unit, so I guess the effort was worth it.  Just silliness with toy soldiers, eh?

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