Thursday, 4 July 2013

French artillery park

Finally finished the French artillery contingent for the Waterloo campaign.  For many wargamers it would constitute their artillery batteries for their Shako or Black Powder rules, but for the big-boy ratios I am working with, heck this is it.
Actually the six guns up front do look the part of one actual battery!

The line batteries are in the first row. In the second row,  line horse batteries on the left, the Young Guard (1814) - or those line units in overcoats - next to them, then the 12 pounder Guard foot batteries with finally the lone Guard horse battery in the second row on the right. 14 guns in total representing some 460 cannon in total. All are Perrys.

I must interject that we wargamers all deal with silly ratios. 1:20, 1:33, 1:100 or 1:2,500. It is really all in perception.  I want a high level, player is a corps commander thing.  It works. It looks good on the table. I still get to use 28mm figures. 


  1. Look the test of Waterloo is when? ;-)

    1. June 18th....2015
      like, duh ;-)
      (and the race is on to complete! But hopefully done well before)

      Next Enfilade it looks like we will be doing one of Napoleon's Campaign for France 1814 battles...being 2014 and all.....

      The Battle of Montereau is considered for this summer (1814, Austrians vs French)