Friday, 9 August 2013

Eating your wargaming

Your dinner meal is before you.  Do you start with your favorite food or do you eat it last?

For myself, I eat the favorite last as it will be the taste last on the lips.  However for painting a new army, I like to sample the favorite or coolest unit first; painting the units which excite my taste buds. I like to get the juices flowing and then later I might have to grit my teeth (much too harsh a phrase as I do like the painting) to get to 'the usual' eventually, in order to get the army done.  Playing psych jobs on my own head.

For my new Prussian Napoleonic army, with the thought that it will be but a unchanging sea of dark blue, grey and black (untrue as it turns out) I wanted to start painting the more interesting and uniquely costumed units. For the Prussians this proved many more than one would first think, besides the usual minor distinctions we expect.

The 28th Infantry Regiment, for example was ex-Berg and at least some or the troops apparently still wore their old white tunics with light blue facings.  The official new uniform was in dark blue with pink (!) facings.  A very interesting mix, so I did most in the white , having the officer and a couple of the newer uniforms in the left rear. 
Perry plastic Prussians. No modifications.


  1. Interesting - will need to remember this unit - love the white coats. Dean

  2. can't wait to hopefully see these in person soon!

  3. Very nice, great work on the white!

    1. Thank you Phil.
      White is never quite white for clothing. I highlight off a base coat. Either a light beige with a white highlight with an amount of brown in it, or in this case dull gray with a highlight of off-white. If you have white belts, they can be pure white for a nice contrast.