Friday, 16 August 2013

"Keg of Sixes" FIW game

Mike B. made the semi-annual trek to the big city for his work and wargaming play so we arranged for a small game at my place for one evening.

My French and Indian Wars collection is complete or as much as I want to do with fits nicely into three boxes; any more then I would have to start another box!    The rules I use are a home-brew kinda based on DBA but with recoils marked which gradually reduce the fighting ability.
The cannonball markers indicate number of recoils a unit has taken. This amount is subtracted from the d6 combat roll.  This shows the mass of the British regulars in their campaign dress engaging the Coureur-de-Bois French Canadian skirmishers.

The first game was remarkable as I seemed to roll an awful lot of sixes.  While I did capture the wagon full of kegs of whiskey, Mike still outfought me.  My Natives and Coureur-du-Bois do not do well in a stand up battle.

We used the same OB for the second game with much the same results and his regulars out shooting my French types.  Mon Deu !
The French regulars in campaign dress (down to their red colored waistcoats and many in forage caps) crossing a rye field (a section of straw door mat)

It was fun nonetheless and it is always enjoyable meeting Mike and catching up on events.

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