Friday, 23 August 2013

French Restoration Era Drummer's Lace

I was going to title this entry with something like: "What if I bought just too many French??!" But I may want to find this information in the future. 

We wargamers love "what if?" situations.  It can justify many woes.  What if you have only painted up 1940 French and with no opponents done, a friend says "I want to try out the rules Zombie Death. I did up a ton of them last night".
    So you make up a scenario where the Nazis, in a genetic experiment gone wrong, now have a zombie drug and...this part is way too crazy for even Himmler?... set about giving the drug to the entire population of Belgium who then cross the Maginot Line to set upon the sleeping soldiers of France. 
Uh, yeah...umm, that'll work. 

In the same vein, I wondered if I bought too many French (could happen!) could I go about making "I'll bring him back in an iron cage" scenarios for Royalist vs  Napoleon back from Elba.
Having done these battles while building up my Napoleonic French, I have conducted several of these fictional encounters but with the excellent uniform web site for the 100 Days Campaign of 1815 [ Mont-Saint-Jean ]  issuing proposed drummer's liveries based upon returning nobility of the Restoration, it got me thinking this would be very interesting!



  1. A Royalist vs. Napoleon scenario would be indeed interesting - especially if one constantly adds mainly French troops to his collection.

    I may have to one day have my WWI French in Horizon Blue fight against my RJW Japanese in Dark Blue.

    Best, Dean

    1. Dean,
      Your scenario introduction might read something like this:
      "Early in 1919 a geographically inept Major-General of the French military headquarters ordered several units of veterans to be fully equipped including the "necessary" greatcoats to be sent to Indo-China to repel sea-borne assaults by Japanese Imperial Marines...."

      Or something like that. It would explain the uniforms of your 'interesting' choice of armies! :-)