Friday, 6 September 2013

Nap Artillery rebased

The little pleasures of life: a smile, a kiss, a little baby's laughter.
 And just having enough room in the storage box to get it all in....

If nothing else, the new, smaller, basing stands of the Napoleonic artillery allowed me to get all the artillery into only and completely into one box.  The anal-organized side of me takes much pleasure in this.

My artillery storage box. The open spaces are just enough to fit in the Allies artillery to be based in the future.  I created a second tier from foam-core so I can put another level of flag-less infantry elements on top.

From this you can infer that the rebasing of the artillery is now complete. Actually I only have 5 more of the Allies crews to complete all the artillery painting, having now done all their gun models.
Prussian Horse Artillery (2 elements)
The Perrys often create these beautiful crew vignettes. Prussian foot artillery crew moving the gun back into position.
here is the Brunswicker Horse artillery version.
French artillery.  Horse gun [left] with elevation adjustments being made; [right] the foot gun being swabbed out. 
French foot gun being fired as the crew turn away to minimize the noise.
Here is a 'table view' of the artillery in relation to the infantry and cavalry stand sizing. it will be doubtful that a massed battery such as this will be seen on the table but the individual elements of artillery as seen in the rear with the infantry are usually attached to each corps.

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