Friday, 6 September 2013

Start of the Prussian army

To follow up on a previous expression  "Eating my wargaming" post for my love of starting with the most unique units of an army; the ones which have the best "cool!" factor, here are a few examples so far:
The Prussian 28th Regiment composed of ex-Berg units, thus in white.
The Prussian 30th Regiment which previously formed the 'Russo-German Legion' thus the Russian uniforms but for the lack of shako decoration and the use of Prussian grey pantaloons and black belts.
The Prussian 31st Regiment which, like the 30th, had formed the 'Russo-German Legion' in the Russian army before being transferred into the Prussian army and so still wear Russian kit for the most part.  I used the Perry plastic Russians.

Happy to say I have over a quarter of the Prussian elements done already. And while I have done a few of the many Prussian infantry stands,  the heavy lifting painting is still to do.

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