Saturday, 12 October 2013

Marshal Grouchy and the boys

Finished the rest of the High French Command.   All are from the Perrys.

I did not concern myself with keeping the horses with a particular rider so these may be different from the Perry website.  The HQ stands are meant to be interchangable for any scenario or battle with a commander's name placed on the space to the rear of each stand.  One might note however that their "Jerome Napoleon" certainly bears a resemblence to his brother.
Here are a few other samples
I did do more of a job on poor ol' Marshal Grouchy. (for his modeling see: previous post )
  History tells us that he was eating strawberries, slowly following the Prussians rather than marching toward the aid of Napoleon.
One can hear General Gerard plead with his superior.  "Sir, march to the sound of the guns!"
"No, Gerard." says Grouchy, "The Emperor has given me his orders"
"Well then let me go!"
"And split my forces?! France will never forgive me." And more to himself...."and France may be right"
Marshal Grouchy ( pronounced grew-she ) having a woven basket covered by a patterned towel with a small white napkin draped over his right sleeve.


  1. Fine command figs, Doug. Love the sign post - a very nice touch. Best, Dean

  2. Excellent painted and based command figures!


  3. Thank you, Peter, for the kind comments. Nevertheless, I don't like the macro setting on the camera. Shows too much. I go for speed when painting so I don't slow down to do the real minor bits...Around 20 minutes each. Quantity over quality. I have hundreds to do! LOL.