Thursday, 5 December 2013

15mm English Civil War collection

Dug out my old 15mm ECW stuff the other day.  While I have moved away from painting these small types [much to still paint tho'!] still half my wargaming collection is 15mm.  Large collections of ACW, this ECW, Italy 1859, DBA Ancients, Zulu colonials highlight the extent.

While in other collections I made the basing fairly "realistic", for these I went the other direction and simply flocked them the same as my mats.  Hopefully the groups of men stand out.  The rectangles shape of the bases themselves, while useful for the playing the rules, hopefully somewhat hidden from notice.

The numbers of figures on each stand was dictated by the packaging of these (mostly) 15mm Essex figures as they are in 4 horse bags.  The infantry are some 12-14 strong with many extra pike used as standard bearers.
most of the current collection
the Parliamentarian side with Cromwell's horse in the background
the Royalist regiments

the Scots


  1. very nice indeed, the benefit in this scale is the sheer numbers you can field in a small space

  2. Andrew, yes, big numbers in a small space. I remember comments years (and years and years) ago when 15mm figures first arrived, players were excited that they would finally have maneuver space on their small tables rather than the case with large 25mm. But wargamers, being wargamers then would gather the numbers that looked like an army and put masses on the tabletop. While looking good, brought them back to the lack of maneuver space which had them collect 15mm in the first place! And that with many more to paint.
    I do like the 15mm for the relative small footprint modeling aspect, but I like the more identifiable nature of the larger 28mm and so I have collection in both scales. Crazy really but there you go.

    Thanks for the kind comment

  3. They look great, Doug. I think the flocking works well. I am always impressed to hear how large a collection of minis you have, and in multiple scales. My conscious would never allow me to venture outside of 28mm ;) Best, Dean

    1. I wish I had as much "conscious" or discipline as you, Dean. Would have saved me from collecting trees and terrain in 2 different scales!
      I don't watch TV anymore so I spend even more time painting and working on my wargaming. After 40 years in the hobby, even with the numerous armies sold over the years (including one literally for a kitchen sink!) I still have amassed a fair number. But I like the painting.