Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lord of the Ring battle

Still under the weather with a lingering cold, I got over to Francis' for a Monday Night game.  A 'Lord of the Ring' affair with me controlling a command until his son would arrive.

I don't know anything about the rules or even the types of combatants as I have not read Tolkien's Middle Earth books nor seen any of the movies - gasp!  To these players about a sin as a priest never reading the bible.  But there you go.

Nevertheless, a spear is a spear, an archer an archer.  I had the "Riders of Rohan"  armed with bow and hand weapon with a shield.
Nicely arranged bow up front, hand to hand guys in support. As I was told everyone had bow and shield but needed room to "see" a target or to charge or fall back; and all that when going around woods, my later formation was not as neat and tidy.
  On the left flank I faced Francis' bad boys on 'dogs'. 
close-up of the "dogs".  GW LotR model. 

the bad guys chieftain
the opening skirmish

The rules were patiently explained to me but I still had some lapses.  "What am I rolling for?", I would ask as I threw the dice. "For the kill", was the response as the die came to rest. "Well don't worry about against what", they continued as to interrupt my unsaid question. I rolled a 1, of course.....
Dave's guys fighting Chris O's guys.  Don't ask which guys...I have no idea....

Anyway went at it until Brandon arrived to have a son vs father tabletop fight with Brandon reminding his father that his rider and dog do not get two attacks per combat. Francis thus did not continue his good luck as he did when fighting me and later would exclaim "my dice s**k!"
the fight down the middle of the table
Apparently our side lost the battle it was said due, in part, with the 'initiative' roll never rolling our way.  In one case we rolled a high 5 but the Evils then beating that by rolling a 6!

Good to see the bunch of boys out on the Monday night.

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  1. Sounds like you secretly enjoyed it :)! The table lighting is interesting - the rest of the room looks rather dimly lit, but the table being highlighted. Pretty cool effect - intentional or otherwise. Best, Dean

    P.S. I just started on those Front Rank FIW figs you practically gave to me at Trumpeter.