Thursday, 30 January 2014

Burgundian fantasy...

Scary how time kinda just moves along.

Looking through my boxes, I again came across my "Burgundian" army but this time I stopped and took the time to pull it out for a "review".   I have never played with this army,  sigh,  but do remember painting it over the Christmas holidays back in...umm... that would be at the new rental apartment, so 1994.  WHAT?! That is nigh 20 years ago!

Toys-R-Us, of all places, was having a massive sell-off of the Hasbro 'BattleMasters' game, which had good vs evil fantasy with these 28mm pieces (GW size) which could be placed on large slotta bases on a thin plastic sheet, hexed and printed with landscape and roads. I was told the figures were designed by the Perrys under contract.  Don't know if that is true but they are nice, a little 'stocky' by todays standards however they were designed for kids but still very compatible for today's 28mm scale.

The fantasy elements were sold off or traded, and while not entirely historical, the 'good' side is a blend of late medieval and renaissance which I made into a "Burgundian" force and based for Armati using 12cm wide stands for the heavy infantry and cavalry.

The paint job is a very simple base and heavy highlight technique over which is heavily glossed for that very 'old school' look.  But sometimes simple is good and the army glows on the tabletop.

The original game was slotta based.  I removed the slots and used super glue to mount these plastic figures onto wood hardboard bases giving each baseWoodland Scenics flocking (a bit more green than the photos would suggest).  I have been tempted to remove and rebase but nothing or new rules has come along to excite me enough to do that.  It would be simple enough as soaking the wood bases in water would loosen the hold and I would think the figures would come
                                                                   off quite easily.
All the army is plastic and so very transportable. Only the large cannon is metal and as you can see very compatible.
                                                8 cavalry elements, 8 heavy infantry, 4 bow elements, 5 cannon, and 2 Generals make up this force

But like I have mentioned they have been sitting around for years without use.  Other than the emotional side - that wargamer thing - it might be time to trade it or sell it.


  1. Wow! Those are really nice, Doug. The Perrys sculpted for Hasbro?! Now that is a very interesting tidbit. Dean

    1. That is a long time ago and a rumor ONLY there, Dean!
      The painting style is the antithesis of yours, I would suggest....

  2. Great looking troops, love the colors...

  3. Yes, Phil, it was my "bold" period in my portfolio. "If you are going on the table, be bright and colorful my troops!"
    Thanks for the nice comment