Tuesday, 21 January 2014

More pics of the game

Close up of a new building complex made from Pireme Publishing's "La Haie Sainte" card building set which I cut down to make a smaller footprint to keep more in scale with the element size.
A view from the Austrian/Bavarian left rear.  Their left wing as you can see from this photo, is refused knowing the Prussians would be attacking off-table from the flank, but they eventually advanced only then to have the Prussians come on the table behind them. Very similar situation to the actual 1866 battle! [albeit on their other flank]
Ziethen's Corps which had to do the initial attacks until Pirch's reserve corps arrived on the battlefield.
Whole limber teams would be out of scale with our game, so we use wagon wheel markers to denote

in Seth's Austrian army- from top to bottom - Old Glory, Victrix, Perry - all playing well together
Love the angle as it makes only 10 figures look to have more mass.
the '200 foot high General' view
the Prussian Landwehr (militia) make up almost half their army!
Part of Seth's "white avalanche" of Austrians
Showing the different element sizing--all done, not scientifically but rather but good looks alone!  However the 120mm frontage of the infantry and cavalry does align with some other major rule sets suggested basing sizing.


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    1. My camera [ not I, who merely points and shoots ] seemed to love the lighting of the room and so the pictures do come out rather well in good color.