Friday, 11 April 2014

X-Wing game

I started by asking myself "Can you get shot down in space??"  I mean, well, in every air game I play in, I do indeed get shot down. However as this is space, can one get shot down if there is no down?  No was the conclusion but, as a fellow player suggested, I could well get shot up !

Yup, we of the Imperium believed the damnable Luke Skywalker might be piloting one of the Rebel craft in the  X-Wing game in which I participated  during the local 'Trumpeter Salute" convention held recently.  I commanded three ships, two Tie Fighters and a bomber for a total of 50 points.  I think Luke was near 50 points by himself!  While the four other players also were limited to 50 points  this still could result in a variety of ships and qualities.  Of course this included the Millinemium Falcon.  Big sucker that!  With a huge number of shields and hull !

The game was fun.  The rules relatively easy to pick up and the game masters were very patient and helpful explaining things.  I can see the appeal.  During the game the movie sound effects came from the GM's iPhone !

Oh, by the way, I lost two of the three ships with the other only one mere hit away from destruction. So my space piloting IS the same as my flying!  Thankfully I was not the only one with such damage and Luke was indeed blown into space.  Once the points were counted, we of the Darth Vader crowd won with the thinnest of margins by two points.

As an aside, I was amused by the reaction of a twenty-something player in the game when I said I saw the original Star Wars movie in the theater when it first showed in 1977.  In awe of the experience I had of that bit of history or simply of my age, I did not ask.......

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