Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inspiration many years ago.....

  I wish I had realized many years ago that my collecting had much do with my very youthful early inspirations.  Movies such as Zulu for my continued interest in colonial South Africa; Cromwell for my inevitable collecting of English Civil War material; and Waterloo for Napoleonics.

Also the Grant book “The War Game” for which I have for 40 years now and one of my first war game references. I show you the book version of the Austerlitz battle and my own.  I did not intentionally draw this comparison but rather came to it in a flashbulb moment looking at the table of a game I recently played.  recent post


  1. Nice flashback pics, Doug. I am still inspired by the few images of wargames in the old Chandler book - Art of Warfare on Land.

  2. Excellent. Austerlitz is my Napoleonic project for 2016 and you post helps with the necessary inspiration.