Saturday, 13 February 2016

Napoleonic era Neapolitans

In my continuing mania to do every d*mned unit of the Napoleonic wars... or it would seem... I had some miscellaneous Victrix leftovers in the pre-1812 uniform but only a few. These are perhaps not appropriate for the French units for the late war 1813-15 campaigns, which are my focus,  but which were still worn by some French allies, including Neapolitans.  Thus I could create the skirmishing infantry of the 4th Light Regiment which did service during the 1813 campaign.

Of interest is the flag which I hand-painted some 20+ years ago (!) which I kept, having sold the army but still liking the design ( yeah yeah wrong inscription but still ...)

  The all-light blue uniform is attractive way to fight the hordes of Allies during the autumn campaign of 1813.


  1. Excellent work there! I really like those light blue uniforms.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the blue is quite attractive, isn't it. That and the unusual orange piping makes the uniform unique.

  2. Replies
    1. Before, I would simply list in a note book the "birthdates" of each unit; but I would get depressed looking at that list noting a particular unit and thinking to myself "Really? I painted that unit 3 years ago? That long ago?!" Now I just post at the time of completion and hopefully forget to look at the date..........
      thanks for the kind comment