Monday, 15 February 2016

Sneak Preview

I am currently painting Russians for the Battle of Borodino game.  Awaiting to complete the Jager units but looking to get the line units all "terrained" up.   Yesterday glued on the line units onto the bases when I had a few minutes.  I show a couple pictures to demonstrate how I do the terrain work.
close up of one of the completed bases with die frame and blank space for a label. For these I don't do a lot of 'shrubbery' as the mats are plain and I want the stands to blend in.

and under the nice lighting of the game hall showing, hopefully, the bases blend into the mat 'ground' in spite of the practical thick bases (to pick up and move the fragile plastics rather than by the miniatures)
A tutorial is at  link   .  The technique is quite simple but I hope effective to give a pleasing image of pastoral field cover and to blend in with the mats I use.

The initial start of the putty cover.   Note the painters tape to cover the label area.  Also the edge of the flag needs to be painted so it doesn't look so paper-y.


  1. I think I constantly underflock my bases for this project. I suppose it will make it easier to identify my kit....

    Looking sharp as always Doug.

    1. Your fine painting will distinguish yours, Dave.
      Some bases have more flock on them than others as I decided the ground work was a bit rough and needed covering!
      Thanks for the kind comment
      take care

  2. Those Russians look very nice! If you don't mind me asking, who makes the figures and what color do you use for the green jackets?

    1. The figures are Perry....plastics....yup, plastics. Very nice with subtly different poses so not too ragged in look.
      And for the second question, I refer you to:
      as you have indeed already asked. Oh boy, Bill, you're getting old! -grin-

  3. They look great Doug. You are quite right too, what seems like a great big sabot on its own blends in really well on the tabletop!

    1. The big base is required (wanted) but the technique works on small ones also.....
      Thanks for the kind comment. Cheers.