Thursday, 26 July 2018

As the music ends...

During a solo playtest between Russian vs French cavalry forces somewhere deep in Russia,  I was playing 'mood music' with the soundtrack from the movie "Enemy At The Gates" (WW2 Russians defending Stalingrad).  During this music the French die rolls were, even for my standards, very low so losing combats, failing courage and/or rally tests.  However, immediately upon its ending, Russian rolls then became horrible, losing 2 vs 1 combats, failing to move, etc.

Coincidence?  Probably not....

French Dragoons (at left) taking some time to cross the creek as their compatriots (off camera to the far left) previously decided to gallop across only to lose half their numbers in casualties to the slippery rocks and muddy bottom,...or as one might well imagine with the number of poor dice I rolled!
( My scratch-built building and WillB's cavalry horde)


  1. Very cool to see and hear about, Doug. I know you've seen this, but still very inspiring

    1. The cuirassier charge at Eylau was the largest of the wars and indeed impressive. While not shot with thousands the filming for the short time is good in the cold gloom of the winter day.