Monday, 9 July 2018

the 9th Cuirassiers

I am still just an aim and shoot cameraman with only one setting on the camera and no inkling how or to what setting to use; so I take the opportunity to take photos during club night as the camera seems to love the lighting.

This month's 'target' is my newly painted French cuirassiers mounted singly.  Each unit is six figures with two units forming either two wings of a full regiment or two squadrons of the regiment or perhaps only sections of a single squadron, depending upon how the viewing wargamer considers the scale of the game.

Of course ALL wargame units are of a ratio much smaller than the historical formation and if 100 miniatures strong it could represent a squadron or the regiment at a 1:5 ratio.   But that many would be totally unplayable on the table; so we must scale everything back. As the perception to the level of play varies from player to player, I tend to just say units to describe formations of play in the game.

Merely because of availability, my formations tend to be two units of 6 for each.  I try in most cases to add a commander for if should the rules and need arise.  I have another cuirassier formation being 're-equipped' for action (I 'stole back' a group of cuirassiers I painted for a buddy as part of a trade and now under a touch up.  Now will have to replace them with lots of other stuff I guess, as I got hot and heavy about doing more of the French armoured horsemen!

The first of the regiments done
The commander is an officer with bicorne hat attached and with a bit of GS for the Frenchman's plumage 
The rules will have group moves with players either having a separate figure or one 'internal' to the unit, if they don't want to have/paint another.  Both methods will work.


  1. Spectacular! As far as rules, are you referring to Eagles Rampant?

    1. Um, sort of. We are taking the concept but excluding all that infantry and artillery "interference".

      I think Lion Rampant is really fun with the to-and-fro of the horse units and so rather than knights we have cuirassiers!
      We are play testing currently and will have a large game [or two] of it during Enfilade with a bunch of the 'regulars' and whoever else wants to join us. All it takes is a minimum of 6 individually mounted horse of the Napoleonic era.

  2. Les cuirassiers rampants! Ils sont manifiques! Ils sont formidables!

    1. and they have 3 Stamina, not just 2 of unarmored horsemen!

  3. Replies
    1. I am planning to do some chasseurs in addition! One cannot live by heavies alone.....

  4. Great looking cuirassiers, Doug! I'm working on one right now (really, just one lone cuirassier figure :) ).