Friday, 20 July 2018

With Dunkirk behind us.

Everyone loves a nice wargame table and so I was attracted to CraigM's wonderful looking buildings and effective fields and roads during last month's club GameNight.  Also I wanted to see how 'Chain of Command' worked so I offered to join should he have a spot.  Apparently my German opponent and myself as the gallant French defenders of a bridge somewhere in northern France a few miles away from Dunkirque were novices to the rules so were ably instructed by Gord and Craig respectively on the many subtleties of the Two Fat Lardies rules.

The nice terrain made the game very attractive. The French (my) position was the town while the Germans would advance from the far side.
The scenario was for the French to hold off the German advance while Belgian engineers wire up the bridge.  In addition to my small force I had an 'unreliable ally' AT and squad made up of French but from another unit.  Only if I rolled poorly would they find somewhere else to go.  And yes they did....
My very exposed (and soon to be hors de combat) French squad. Somewhere under the bridge the Belgian engineers are trying to determine which wire goes to which ignition switch.  My poor rolls of the dice did not help them make these determinations quickly.....

The engineers would take x number of dice to set the wires.  I rolled 3 consecutive ones during the first three turns of the game.  Sigh.  I guess the wiring was bad.

Trying to figure out which dice did what activity (only those who have played these rules will know what I am talking about) justified my French command ability
.  I had a good shot at a PzII with an AT but, again, the dice failed me and little occurred during that "perfect opportunity"
After one shot, these guys found they had other places to go.

Eventually the Germans succeeded in shooting me out of strong building position while my poor infantry caught out in the open died under the hail of bullets.  My force morale wore steadily down and my force buggered out, leaving the Belgian engineers several wires yet to attach. One further step back to Dunkirk.


  1. Certainly a great looking table.

    1. It was. Very attractive.
      Makes the result very bearable. :)

  2. Yes, it looked really nice. Did you like CoC?

    1. Too early to say. But like viewing a movie. If after an hour you can't even remember the title, let alone the plot, one could say it was not much of a movie. But if you can remember the experience days later, you can say it was good. I still remember it, so I must think I enjoyed it.

  3. Very nice terrain and figures; haven't played CoC, but know a few who converted to it from Bolt Action. I actually haven't played Bolt Action in a long, long time too.