Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Me and dice

No Year-in-Review for me.  I painted lots in 2018 but didn't make any lists. During previous years I made lists of unit 'birthdays' but going back upon them I would remember painting a particular unit but, what!?  that was five years ago?!! How the *bleep* did the time go by? I do not want to be reminded......

But while continued painting and playing was moderately consistent, so to was my dice luck.  A funny thing with me and dice:  I roll very poor dice. Very poorly.  I won’t even think of getting near a craps table.  I rolled 36d6 consecutive dice recently in a game without recording a 6 among them (.014% chance of doing that apparently I was reminded)

So when depositing two new dice on my wargame table from my pocket - a gift from our LFGS hobby store owner - I was not surprised when both icons representing the ‘1’ came up.  For me the ‘6’ is always hidden…….


  1. Lets hope in 2019 the dice roll a little better then, Doug!

    1. Unlucky at dice, lucky in life. I can live with that!
      have a good 2019 Ray!

  2. Doug, I'm a kindred spirit.

    Tactica ancient rules have Roman front rank figures roll a 6 on a D6 for initial close combat hits. In one game I rolled 36 D6 without a single 6. So in the future I would have at least one pilum hit, a friend made a "pilum" die for me with a six on all six sides.

    In the movie "The Cooler" the character portrayed by William H. Macy had such bad luck that a casino owner would have him stand near anyone with a hot streak. His mere presence would turn the hot streak into an avalanche of loss. I have been known to lay hands over opponent's dice just to reduce their effectiveness.

    Here is to a better run in 2019.

    1. Good stories those, Bill. I have been known as "a cooler" at times!
      Have a good New Year!