Thursday, 27 October 2022

Chasseurs d'Afrique 1834


My small unit of 28mm Chasseurs d'Afrique during the French occupation of Algeria in the 1830’s.  This is much earlier than the Beau Geste era so the uniforms are more Napoleonic than ‘colonial’. 
I based the army as my original infantry I made (converted from Napoleonics in overcoats but with the distinctive tall red cap -see below) are the French Foreign Legion who would be sent to Spain in 1836 for the Carlist War.  The uniform in Algeria would be changed in the meantime. Thus the early time frame. Still flintlock muskets at this time.
Obvious not based up yet.  Made from Perry plastic ACW cavalry horses, 3 of the riders are also ACW but the others kitbashed from various Napoleonic bits - French and Austrian. A bit of scraping and different colour of paint hides the American-ish of them <grin> 
French Infantry in the common overcoats worn in Algeria (it can have quite miserable weather).
These are my earlier edition. I have subsequently have removed the tent roll and changed their epaulettes to red fringe and green to represent the Foreign Legion during this era. 

French Zouaves in green turbans (2nd Batt.) in 1834

Still haven't an opposition however. Sigh.  Might wait for the company "1898" to develop their Berber range or still have them as 'hidden' marksmen in hill and scrub....


  1. Great additions to a great project. Really creative kit bashing- your work illustrates the beauty of plastic kits. Are you waiting for 1898 to put out dis-mounted Berbers?

    1. I have seen the 'greens' of the upcoming Berbers from '1898 Miniaturas', The horsemen look good so might well have to 'bite the bullet"......