Thursday, 6 October 2011

Flags of the British "Swiss" regiment of the War of 1812

I thought I would show you my versions of the flag from the two 'Swiss' regiments of British Foot which fought in North America (I was going to state "in Canada" but the de Meuron Regiment did join the advance to Plattsburgh in 1814, losing only 14 in that tepid campaign).  They differ from the usual British colours.

So here is the de Meuron colours, showing the typical Swiss 'flames' in the odd lime- green, black and yellow combination in the regimental flag. The King's Color has the Union Jack with the motto on the St James cross. Note hidden from view canton on the regimental flag has the Union Jack - which when seen makes for quite the hideous display! Osprey MAA335 has a good color illustration of it.

and here are the De Watteville colours (ah, flags) for the unit which had quite the bad luck at the siege of Ft Erie in 1814, having substantial casualties in a magazine explosion during a British attack.
The flags were, obviously, hand painted and photographed during games.


  1. Nice flags, I've not seen the De Watteville flags before, they're very nice!

  2. Yes. Aren't they are simply delicious! A delightful mix of red, black and white with a cute little bear in the middle :-) The unit's black facings together with the red jacket and white belts reflecting that of the regimental flag.

    In contrast, the light blue facings of de Meuron, add to the dreadful clash of sartorial hues of that unit's regimental banner.

    However, both stand out from the normal British regimental crowd which I why I painted up these units. Also the fact that I had, indeed acquired enough figures to complete most British units of the ENTIRE war, had something to do with the decision making process!

  3. Excellent figures and probably the best painted flags I've seen.


  4. Where did you get the pic of the de Watteville flag? Is that in the Osprey too?

  5. For many years I have viewed other blogs, getting my fill of wargaming vicariously and 'Ubique' has been one of my favourites for the style of entries, and the painting is excellent. Thus, Matt, I am extremely pleased with your compliment. Thank you.

  6. Ha my direct ancestors fought in the regiment de Meuron in ceylon and south africa.

    1. Petrov,
      Ceylon is not often thought upon during this era but would make an interesting war-game.
      As far as I know, most of my ancestors were in Russia at this time but not fighting anyone