Monday, 17 October 2011

Lyon's Mill or 2nd Smythville - fictious game

Unsuccessful in their attack on Smythville using the "Kentucky Brigade" which mainly consisted of inexperienced militia, the Americans will make a second attack using better trained regulars and led by veteran U.S. Riflemen. I was too lazy to alter the terrain! :-)
Once again however, the British 19th Light Dragoons discovered the advance and gave warning which was confirmed by captured deserters.
The American plan was similar to the previous battle and had the US 1st Infantry Regiment and the US 44th attack the large hill defended by the Voltigeurs and the deMeuron Regiment
the US 44th Infantry Regiment
while the US 21st and 23rd Infantry Regiments are attacking the smaller hill occupied by the 49thFoot with the deWatteville Regiment in support.  Again the Voltigeurs were called up to give support to the defence in their skirmisher role.
the Canadien Voltigeurs skirmishing in front of the deMeuron Regt.

The British are well supported by a battery of rockets and howitzer.

British rocket battery using ground level troughs (my version) and yes, apparently the stabilizing sticks were painted red.  The rockets are scratch built using an old pen ink tube and a small ball bearings. The figures are regular Old Glory artillerymen.  Note the Royal Marine rocketeers employed on land apparently also wore the same uniform while the officers wore their traditional scarlet coats and tophats. (per Company of Military Historians)

The howitzer battery figures are Victrix covered in greenstuff to create overcoats.  Basically this was a practice trial using this modelling putty.  I don't think the attempt will threatened the livelihoods of any of the current modellers however!

One note on the uniforms.  You might have noted that the US 44th has French style backpacks.  Apparently these were not uncommon issue throughout the war and the 44th were noted specifically to be issued these [per Chartrand].  I like to make each regiment distinctive and with this in mind I removed many of the "Lherbette" knapsacks (canvas waterproofed painted a mid/light blue) on the Old Glory figures and replaced with available Victrix French plastic 'hairy' versions.

It might be further noted that the Americans used black leather straps for all their knapsacks regardless of type or if the regiment were supplied with buff (whitened) or black leather crossbelts.

Anyway, part two of the battle will be reported once played out - hopefully in the near future.

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  1. Love the rocket battery, great looking unit.