Sunday, 9 October 2011

Laura Secord

In Canada, Laura Secord chocolate was a well-known brand name and gained it's name from the War of 1812 heroine who traveled through American lines, using the excuse of leading her cow to water, to inform the British of the imminent attack.  Or so the legend is told.
A premier Canadian historian, Pierre Burton, in one of the 'must-have' reference books on the War of 1812, "Flames Across The Border - 1813-1814" page 83 , goes into the details and some debunking of the myth.  However I had the milking-maid figure and acquired a very nice [if a very 'ripped'] cow miniature (unfortunately manufacturer unknown).  Well, what the heck, it makes for nice tabletop decoration.

"Laura Secord" guiding the troops


  1. Great little piece of history and figure, does she must add a +1 to all morale tests within 6 inches, with the promise of a burger??

  2. Very nice figures and makes for an interesting talking point.