Sunday, 2 October 2011

War of 1812 - a wargamers nightmare

OK, the War of 1812: note NOT the Campaign of 1812-- which Napoleon conducted in Russia in the same year; is a difficult one for the wargamer.  Why? Well, in most, if not all cases, each and every battle has different, and I mean different uniformed units in each battle.  Thus, as can be surmised, the wargamer must have a vast collection of units should he have the want to game the whole war.
I did not want, of course, to do this, but as fate would have.....

Some comment here: if one is collecting a French Napoleonic army say, a one regiment is no different than another (save the lettering on the flag of course). But the War of 1812 is different. Each battle has units which do not show in any other battle in the whole war.  Thus one must collect/paint units for one particular battle and that is it !  Unless one is as crazy as myself and decide to make the War of 1812 a primary task in my hobby.

Some additional comment is perhaps necessary. I HAD a War of 1812 collection that WAS reasonable.  BUT with some trades (long story there- perhaps another day) when the traders suggested what they had, I kept getting more and more 1812 types. Thus the collection expanded.

The War of 1812 is quirky and not well known thus has its own interest.

This war will not be the only one collection I will comment on but ...

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  1. Doug, I look forward to your blog as it grows. I'm currently just entering the world of Napoleonics, and as a neighbor to the south, I wouldn't mind venturing into the 1812 arena myself. My buddy says that it is just another "fringe" war, but I think he is undercutting the potential for fun! ;-)