Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The colours of the 49th Foot

It was one of those "wow, how unbelievable is that!" kinda deals.

I was paddling through the internet and found this blog page from Brock University.  Yes, it is named for the War of 1812 General who "saved Canada" during the opening months of the war before meeting a heroic death beating off yet another American attack.  Because it is Brock University, it is full on the bicentennial thing and was given a pair of regimental colours fully embroidered and all. See:

Now what is really amazing is the color of the, well, 49th's regimental colour (flag).  You see, I had not seen this article before.  When painting the flag, I simply decided to use a green color which I had not used much and thought it would be distinctive.  I mean I really did not find any other references to the exact color and so could, in effect "fake it" without much comment from any "experts" in the crowd.

Then I find that this donated recreated flag has been made in almost the exact shade as what color I had previously selected! (the shade of my photo above is slightly lighter than actual).  Thus I can back up the use of this odd-ish shade of green.  Ta-da!

[The figures, if you have not seen my previous posts, are Old Glory but with a covering of green-stuff modelling epoxy to indicate the wearing of their overcoats by the 49th during the historical Battle of Crysler's Farm in 1813.  Only the color party is photographed.  The complete wargame unit is some 7 stand (28 figures) strong.]

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  1. Whoa! Teal, my favorite color. I should paint THESE guys. I do have some extra Victrix figures.