Thursday, 12 January 2012

Jacobite Battles

I brought out my box of 15mm Jacobite armies. It has been years since I had opened it. Sigh...  On the box label I printed "complete".  Hmm. Well it turned out to be.  It had the complete armies (the correct British regiments for Prestonpans and those Jacobite units for Culloden.)  I had notes how to organize the units, individual battle scenarios and even terrain, simple as that is, with cloth bogs and a couple of walls.  The rules had copies for the players and I had the opportunity to spring it upon Francis and Brandon.  The former, the owner of the local Imperial Hobbies store; the latter his kid and "soaker up of rules".

So we started by playing the Battle of Falkirk.  If one is familar with the 1745/46 campaigns, one will know it is not a victory by the British.  The rules are that of my own creation and are based on a 'pip system' much like DBA but all actions by units require pips which are allocated to the player - and usually not enough should the player's opinions be expressed!  However that is the command element and makes the player think about things, what!

I will not bore you with  the details but the British did lose that game.

We had time for another, so I set up the Battle of Culloden.  To recreate the better performance by the British infantry, I increased their class from 'B' to 'A' with the result that indeed the Highland charges were defeated.
bird's eye view of the initial deployments for the Battle of Culloden.  I only use the first line of British regiments; the Highlanders have a hard enough time of it already!
While the terms of victory conditions were basically a percentage of losses; for Culloden, the appearance of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the poor command by the Jacobites had the scenario give only command bonus if Charlie was attached to a unit.  However, if BPC was killed (a General attached to a unit must roll to see if he falls for each DP (hit point as it were) taken.  Automatic loss for the Highlanders should he be killed (really, what would be the point of continuing the struggle for the dynasty otherwise, eh?) Well, you know it, moving up with the Ecossais Regiment, it took hits and Brandon rolled the infamous one on the d6.
the death of Bonnie Prince Charlie

A good night, the rules withstood two new players to them without any changes (!) I guess I can put the Jacobite box away for another four years or so. Another big sigh.

Please be kind-hearted about the quality of the painting.  It was done many years ago while I was having very bad back problems.  I was eating prescription painkillers like they were peanuts and the only position I was ever comfortable was on my stomach on the floor with my right leg in a very odd angle.  Thus positioned, I propped myself on my elbows and could paint these armies. Needless to say, once posed I was loath to move and so could spend the necessary hours painting lace and tartans. 
The 44th Foot with those damned cast-on flags (Hallmark? 15mm)

The bases were sized with another rule set in mind and the storage containers I have and so are designed thus.  
A 'regiment' of Highlanders. I believe these to be again Hallmark Miniatures (15mm)


  1. Some great looking figures! and some very nice photos too! They look like good games. Shame about poor ol' Charlie!!!.
    I once had this period in 25mm, all the units for the Battle of Culloden, then I made a stupid decision and sold them, luckily it was to a mate, unlukily we've never games with them since and that was at least 8 years ago!!

    1. Ray, Ray, Ray, don't you know that to paint tartans is like getting your teeth pulled. Never sell ANYTHING with a tartan on it, as no one wants to go to the dentist twice! ;-)

  2. Can I ask please, what base sizes were used to get that nice 'look'? Thanks