Tuesday, 24 January 2012

a Monday Russian defence

Played another Monday night game at Francis'. The boys are learning the 'Battlefront' rules.  Each game adding a different aspect of the rules to the play.  This game was to be building/urban fighting.

The Russians were given lots of defences and pockets of built-up areas to control. The Germans to take them.  Being set in the Summer of 1941, I suppose that was logical!

The Russians had large commands, only of "trained" quality and a few poor quality tanks which stay hunkered down.  The Germans were of two commands.  As Kev, my follow commander is always late for these affairs, I set up with me being the pinning force and I gave Kev the Panzer Grenadiers with their half-tracks which had a better armor rating than the Russian tanks!

I deployed them pointed toward the corner of the Russkie and told Kev, "You are the Schwerepunt, hit them hard."  Of course then, he then took them the long way around the table edge, taking up valuable time, while I got pounded.  The PzGr. never got into serious action and my attacks peetered out.
a Russian BT2 blowed up real good! (the boys have many of their tanks without turrets glued down in order that they can be removed (blown off to the side) and the flame marker placed.  Boom, boom.

The most interesting action was the surprise attack by a bunch of Russian cavalry who charged at my panzers on the flank.  They had me surrounded but only a round of close combat saw them off.  First time the horsey boys saw tabletop battle apparently. 
The Russian cavalry dulling their swords against good German steel!  [Hans a tank driver asks of his loader, do you hear hoof beats? Was? Nein, Claus, it is that damned third piston making a sound again.  No, Hans, I distinctly hear clopping!]


  1. Love the pic of the Russian Cavalry charging the tanks!!! Great looking game!!!

    1. Thanks again.
      I must admit that I did not paint any of the figures (I know I painted some for the boys but don't own any myself) nor did I produce any of the terrain.
      For the most part I don't really get into any modern stuff. I lose interest in military affairs near the year 1914. I no longer have any WW2 stuff (gasp!). I like the Horse and Musket era the best.