Sunday, 15 January 2012

Miniatures Review: Brigade Games' British Naval Landing Party (Napoleonic era)

I recently purchased Brigade Games "British Royal Naval Landing Party"
They are to be yet another unit in my growing War of 1812 collection.  Sailors participated in land actions at Fort Erie on the Niagara and the battles and actions along the Chesapeake Bay and other raids along the American seaboard.
most of the poses have firearms

These are pictured on Brigade Games' web store so no surprises when received.  In very timely fashion I will add. I really like the models, well sculpted faces, natural cloth folds with even the seams are indicated! There is only three packs of 4 in each within the range, with additional 2 figure command pack, so large numbers of troops will have duplicates but thankfully not the 4x2 poses in a pack some other manufactures do (ugh) so there is a great range of poses. Most have the tophat, short jackets and pantaloons (trousers) fashionable for land actions rather than for on board actions.
 As you can see, they are in the same scale/size as (left to right) Perry, Old Glory, Victrix, Foundry, and Brigade Games boys in question. {the Perry is a plastic casualty- I don't have an available figure- but is positioned to show sizing which is good with the others}
A close up.  Directly out of the package without clean-up.  This one seems to be the poorest of the castings.  Still, it is not bad considering the magnification of the photo. With my painting of multi layers of thick paint, the minor faults will not be evident :-)

Again, it is directly out of the package.  Note the seams shown on the jacket!
Would a one-armed sailor still be in the service?  Nevertheless a nicely sculpted figure.

Highly recommended.


  1. Nice looking figures, was the figure in the last pic miscast??

  2. Ray,
    I wouldn't say so. More like bad close-up photography on my part than poor casting. But YMMV. I have encountered much worse and it doesn't look any bad on the tabletop. Remember it is some, what, 20 times larger than you would view it in real life. But again one's toleration to these things is different for everyone. I am certainly no Sasha Herm as a painter so imperfections, as long as not to bad, is not a big issue with me. These figures are above average certainly.