Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Canadian Volunteers, a follow-up

While I have been busy with gaming stuff, work has been foremost on my agenda lately so I have slow to post.

A fellow War of 1812 gamer had asked a uniform question and noted photos of reenactment groups.  I must admit that I tend to ignore the reenactment side of military study as source of reliable information.  Obviously some are much better at accuracy than others.

So you can take whatever you like from the following photo of a group showing what is obviously the "Canadian Volunteers" erst-while traitors, who fought with the American forces.  I have previously described their costume (see: link). The following photo shows the group wearing grey coatees with white pants and the green scarfs around the hat band with white cockades.

 I do not know the details of the photo, but it does suspiciously appear that perhaps some of the boys have removed their shakos, doffed the round hats and moved to the rear of the column, to play the part?

 However the unit, albeit small at ~50 strong, did play its part in the Niagara campaigns and so I might just model it and this way is a good as any.


  1. Wow, those guys are kind of interesting. Round hats, like Canadian militia or something else?

  2. The Canadian Volunteers seen in the photo are wearing the uniform issued to them in April 1814 after they became part of Scott's brigade. Prior to that in 1813 they wore the roundhat you see with their civilian clothes and were often on horseback as they policed the Niagara peninsula during the American occupation. Their uniform roundhat was a calculated insult to Britain, and bore the green hatband of the United Irishmen, the white cockade of the Stuarts, and the eagle of the United States... or in other words the symbols of Irish, Scottish, and American independence! To learn more about the Canadian Volunteers please visit the unit's website: