Friday, 23 March 2012

Converting Britain's Bad Boys

Britain's bad boys - at least one unit of them - were the Independent Companies of Foreigners who conducted themselves poorly on a raid upon Hampton, Virginia during the War of 1812.  They wore the usual Rifle uniform but perhaps with grey trousers.
I have six unused (as of yet) rifle figures but wanted this unit to be larger and so went to the unit of my Glengarry Light infantry made by Old Glory who also wore the rifle dress and had the required musket.
This unit is complete with a backpack but as the ICF was conducting a day raid from a ship, I thought the pack would not be used; so I endeavored to clip off the pack and sculpt back in the belts and straps.

The nine figures I would be converting were already primed black and so all the raw silver scrape marks you see are from knife and file.  I used green stuff to build back up the figure's back and then add the other details.  I certainly admire the crisp detail of the sculptures out there (how the bleep do they do that?!).  However, I really did enjoy the exercise. I hope to get better with practice.

Why we hate the Macro Lens: the following are a couple of shots of examples of the work.  Even working with a magnifying lens through which I thought my detailing OK, the darn efficient macro lens on my camera enhances the detail eight-fold!!  (I must remember my eyes are less powerful than the camera!)

I am hoping a thick re-primer, my usual painting style of very thick application of the paint and viewing them at a more normal two feet, will hide most of the faults :-)

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