Monday, 5 March 2012

Adding lead to the pile...

I admit it.  I am that silly moth who is attracted to the flame.  I my case, I cannot resist a wargame sale.  This weekend I did the double dose.  I found myself at Trumpeter's GameNight and yet more of Kelly's apparently endless stash of lead was available at very good prices.  That boy was a hoarder, he was.  One can be proud of him...

So of course I was in among the feeding sharks (actually wargamers are generally quite polite when it comes to these things I find) and bought way too much once again...sigh....
I just can't help myself.....

Of course, I spent that evening into the early hours sorting through the bags of, well I hope I got sort of what I expected...  :-)
Which is immediately useful:
4 more stands of SYW cavalry
5 units of Brunswick Nap (1)
3 units of 12 French Napoleonics in overcoat (2)
1 unit of SYW Fr. Grenadiers
2 units of cav plus needed fillers for 'Flintloque' units (3)
plus a bunch of Brit Nap stuff which I have yet to decide on. All are 28mm.

(1) let's not go into yet another army, eh?!...oops, too late...
(2) for yet another project -see below
(3) only played 2 games in ten years, but oh well...

The second dose of sale madness was at Imperial Hobbies the local hobby store having a 25% sale.  While it is some distance to drive for a visit I really did not need to make, the trip was incorporated into shopping at Ikea and lighting stores for items for the house with the misses.

There I picked up a couple of minor items but the bulk of the drop in money was a box of Perry plastic French Hussars. Why you ask? Well, a gaming buddy in Seattle and I had 'some' beer on the Saturday night at Enfilade convention after a long day of good wargaming and decided that Napoleonics and DBA would work and we would have very large single bases to have a unit of some 24 or even 36 plastics on each! (plastics are very light you know, so weight is not an issue!)  Yes, it would be very impressive looking.  Man, that would look good!!   But we were just sober enough to realize that that would be a *bleep* load of painting.  We were talking Liepzig. Yes, the largest battle of the wars, but it would be scaled down slightly of course....

A Larry Leadhead cartoon done about this 'situation'

However it was decided on Hanau , a battle in which the Austro-Bavarians tried to hold up Napoleon on the retreat from Leipzig to France.  Seth, has lots of Austrians and likes the look of the Bavarians.  And so he has me buying darn plastics and such.  What is 14th project on the go? 

I would like to find the time to get going on this but will need a whole lot more motivation.  While the French army was smallish (for the era) it will entail a lot of painting.  Another sigh...

 Yet, the anniversary is, what, two years away? :-)


  1. Rereading my post, I must clarify that, at this stage, we are doing only some 12 infantry figures on a base (3 or 4 cavalry) as to make the whole project feasible. No way it would be done otherwise sorry to say.
    But again I really have not 'officially' begun the painting so this may be a non-starter. Not the first time the hunger is bigger than the mouth....

    1. Doug,
      Remember that Enfilade is only a few short months away. Just in time for another dose of 'some' enthusiasm on Saturday night....... to get the project started again.

  2. Doug, what have you done? Never mix beer with any wargame talk, I've learned that the hard way, trouble is wargaming is an addiction, it should be treated like drug and alcohol dependency, you only need to look at a picture of some figures, you start to drool, (Homer Simpson style, when he thinks of pork chops) and that evil voice in your heads says "Buy me, you know you want too", you can try to be good, but you always give into the addiction.
    What the hell is the matter with us?????