Saturday, 10 March 2012

SYW Allies army pics

I have laid out some of the units I will be using in my upcoming game for the local gaming convention in metro Vancouver, Canada (link: Convention ).
Hesse-Kessel regiments [note: General inspecting captured French flags. Very presumptuous of me as I don't have any of the French painted yet!]
The rules are home-made concoction which have a basis -sort of- from DBA but to its credit has had some playtesting and have been thought good by the players. They are simple, promote a 'Lace Wars' type of action and so should be good for a convention game.  Fingers crossed.
close up of the Hessians
One might observe that I have placed the entire unit on one stand.  Line infantry bases are 6 inches long with usually 9 figures in the front rank and two figures in the rear; usually officers, drummers but sometimes just more soldiers depending on availability, as I am not picky out such things. The two in the rear fill-out the unit. I find wargame units need that thickness but only two figures provide the visual feel without the bulk and maintain the long linear effect crucial to the Seven Years War look.

Hessian cuirassiers.  and such disciplined horses!    [Front Rank manufacturer]


  1. Good luck at Trumpeters I think I'll be missing it this year... I certainly won't be running games or entering tournaments.

  2. Very, very nice! Top painting and I love the flags!!!

    1. Thanks Ray. Done awhile back when I had more patience and younger eyes. With all the nice printed flags companies these days; while they look nice, the time to paint them, and paint them well for the macro lens camera, the self painted flag might be a thing of the past, eh?