Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ECW game

Andrew came over for a daytime English Civil War game using my 15mm collection which has, very unfortunately, has not seen daylight for a long time.

The game, using a concocted home-brew set of rules went OK despite them having too much taxing addition and subtraction.  I think we may be getting too old to go through all that!  After the game, I revised the combat factors to more manageable modifying calculations without really changing the overall feel I hope.
Anyway, here are a few photos of the game in progress.

Royalist cavalry in the foreground and infantry in the middle.  Most are Essex [15mm]

Andrew is placing his General for the Parliamentarian right wing cavalry's group move as the Royalist infantry (middle) has advanced ahead of their immobile artillery.

The 200 foot General's view of the battle roughly based on the famous Battle of Nasby.

The Royalist cavalry advance.  15mm Essex from my collection

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