Monday, 18 June 2012

the pelisse

Now this is the interesting thing about plastics - they are truly three dimensional.
I purchased the box of the Perry French hussars; three of which I painted as the 10th sans the pelisse.  Then I glued on the pelisse (I love this optional aspect of plastics) to create the Garde du Honor. The Perry pelisse is designed to billow out with the 'movement' of the obvious charging horse and rider and is truly quite dramatic. Wonderful stuff.
However, I was forced to consult my reference books to find out what color was the internal lining of the pelisse.  I had never before needed to paint this area as all the previous metal versions were tightly molded to the rider. I don't believe there has been any metal figures with the flowing pelisse either attached or to be glued as this metal option would be impractical.  With plastics it is not.

 For the record, I discovered the lining was white but I thought that a bit too stark for the figure and went with a more mellow light grey. Nevertheless, it was interesting to discover this new aspect of plastics.
 the French Garde du Honor (Perry plastic hussars 28mm)

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  1. The Perry Hussars are really nice figures. The pelisse is just one of the great features for these minis.