Tuesday, 5 June 2012

French units for Battle of Hanau starting to form

Thrilled by my discussions with Seth for our upcoming game (well, in less than 12 months!) of the Battle of Hanau, I have now purchased all the French forces required.  The last were the artillery and Guard horse which I ordered from Perry Miniatures. Of note, they were at my doorstep within 6 days of the internet order!!  Good, fast service.... and the postmen must have been in a good mood...

The units are small (especially in my (the depleted) French army) with infantry stands usually of only 10 figures and the cavalry with the agreed size of three to an element.  I had a small trepidation that that few cavalry figures would not look all that effective but I think with the other elements having also few on the stand, it looks to be in proportion.  Certainly not the masses one sees in, for example, the Black Powder rule's photos, but as I can sit down and complete the unit in a couple of hours......

Here a couple of quick photos of those units I have now completed:
The Fusilier-Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard. Two elements.  The rank and file are Perry, the officers and drummer Victrix and standard bearer a metal Essex.
"Maurice has a little lamb, little lamb..."  While I needed a another figure to join this unit, the extra is a Victrix standing pose which seemed out of place with the majority Perry marching so I turned him a to stop to feed a stray lamb.  I will let you decide it's fate: mascot or dinner
The French Carabinier heavy cavalry unit in support (Perry plastics)

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