Thursday, 7 June 2012

Scale Creep. An observation.

I have some Napoleonic French Generals already painted (I just like their uniforms!) and started to mix and match for use on bases when I noticed the huge contrast in height.  Hmmm, they seem the same size.  But when side by side the difference is notable. What is interesting is both miniatures are sculpted by the same person!

The case in point.
by Foundry
 Now compare to the following
by Perry

Both look OK and here they are together

Again, very similar [as they should be as both were done by the Perrys albeit the former in their days with Foundry]
and from the rear.  The horse to the right has a slightly large rump, but fairly close.

However together, and the camera picture taken at table level, reveals the older Foundry to be much shorter in the legs of both horse and rider.  While the torso is similar, the short legs make the whole figure seem stumpy in comparison.  It is interesting that one does not realize that when the figure is viewed alone.

It is in the legs that the "scale creep" is most obvious.
Just my observation.

Note: apparently the owners of Foundry at the time liked the stumpy look and had all the designers cater to this view.  Obviously now away from that environment, the Perrys have moved to a much more proportional style which is why they are considered among the best in the industry.  Their plastics, with that mediums ability to allow for very slight structures, have the most realistic sculpts. 

I consider the Perry brothers to be one and the same.  I had the priviledge way back in 1989 to visit them at their studio and even they could not recall which had done a particular sculpt!

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