Saturday, 13 October 2012

Latest War of 1812 units

Finally finished the basing of my latest three units for the War of 1812
These are on 40mm square wood bases and have varying number of figures on each depending upon troop type.  The three units in this blog have for the Upper Canadian militia 3 to a stand, being, well, militia; the Glengarry Fencibles also 3 to a stand due to being light infantry with the ability to act open or formed; and the 2nd West India Regiment 4 to a stand as a regular foot formation. For those truly skirmishing units, 2 figures to a base are employed.  The organization is a visual representation of their quality/qualifications.

The Glengarries in open formation.  Regarded well-trained and disciplined unit of Canadians who fought with distinction. Wore a 'rifle' uniform despite using muskets.  The officer with the highlander over-the-shoulder sash as it began as heavy recruited from ex-Scots.
The Upper Canadian militia in green tunics (with officers in proper scarlet) and the blue trousers common to the militia.  (apologies to Mark, I have yet to get the flags ready)
The 2nd West India Regiment.  These 'black' units were used, not surprisingly, primarily in the Caribbean but were brought along for the New Orleans campaign and, for the 2nd, for raids along the Carolinas coast.  (no flags (the 'colors') yet as I have yet to find good information on these)
  I am rather forced to splash on the highlights on these Old Glory sculpts as they tend to have haphazard indents representing folds of clothing. And I do not spend much time on such subtleties. :-)   However the sculpts do seem to portray the correct racial facial features upon which I applied my usual color scheme, however poor or good that may seem.


  1. Lovely looking figures. Will have to check out the Old Glory figures (so I can add then to my ever growing mountain).


    1. Matt,
      Check them out in person if possible. Yours is one of the blog I regularly read and, compared to Perry at 17, I note you don't have an "Old Glory" listing label. These sculpts are 'old school' in the Hinchcliffe/Connoisseur school and are more for motion than accurate form. Your painting style, like mine, might be a little frustrated by some of their miniatures. OG has many sculptors and some ranges are better than others in this regard.

  2. Stunning work as always, Doug. Quality and quantity. Love that East India unit. Best, Dean