Sunday, 7 October 2012

a dismounted American General

I set up a scenario for an American landing on a river shore by boat and realized that all my American officers were mounted on horses.  With much doubt that the original landing would consist of the landing of the great beasts to complicate matters, the first Generals on the scene would be doubtless on foot.  As I had none, I would create one for myself.  Taking an Old Glory artillery officer, I proceeded to modify.  The original is on the right with the shako and my efforts to create the new officer on the left.

The most noticeable alteration is the addition of the bicorne or "Chapeau Bras" which the Americans embracing French parlance for "arm hat" was a notable distinction of the high command.  Rather than try to remove the head from one of my existing painted figures, I made the headgear from 'green stuff'.  With impatience and excitement to get him completed, my touching of the still rather malleable epoxy to attach the rather recalcitrant tassels, had the bicorne a little more east-west than the rakish over the right eye angle which the Americans seemed to wear their hats. 

The rear shot shows the removal of the over-large Old Glory cuff on the artillery officer's arm and smoothing of the boots to allow the addition of the General's riding boots showing the white cloth on the back of the knee. A paint job later and the miniature is now ready to command (...the disaster to come, I may think!)


  1. Nice looking officers. Great additions. Best, Dean

  2. Fantastic conversion work, Doug! Your a natural at it!

  3. Thank you for the kind comments gentlemen.

    I like doing the small changes to the miniatures as needed.