Monday, 25 November 2013

my AWI project's direction?

I found a small unit of 28mm lads which I had added a note to myself:  not FIW, could be 2nd SC of AWI

Hmm, don't remember writing that (old age or too much stuff?)    Anyway, this got me back on the topic of my dormant American Revolutionary War/ American War of Independence collection.  To start with it is not much as compared to most of my other projects it has very few miniatures at present. I say "at present" as some - ah, who am I kidding - all of my larger collections unintentionally did indeed start as small!   Gathered due to cheap deals, trades and the like, the collection so far only has some 50 raw Perry figures. 14 British regulars in 'roundabouts', like number of "Marbleheaders" [Eureka minis actually but nice fit], two cannons and crew, a ammo wagon and 24 'militia' - for southern, or perhaps a northern summer campaign.

Having roundabouts suggests the Southern campaign, and I like the small numbers for the Battle of Waxhaws.  But I also have a painted unit of Brunswick Dragoons and 24 German grenadiers primered which suggests the Saratoga campaign in the north.  However. the afore mentioned primered 2nd SC suggests concentrating for that area;  which does allow me to use a fairly large but only partially painted AWI French army organized for Savannah of 1780.  However, these are Front Rank figures which I don't like combining with Perry - too different in style.  Do I still do them?   But with the Perry beautiful sculpts and the plastics box is screaming the Saratoga campaign......  And yet I still so have a single, and painted, Continental unit from un-mixable Front Rank. What to do?

my French AWI era regulars. Front Rank miniatures
some of my French Colonial infantry
"Pierre, you OK?"  (as you can see, I had to fill in some of the ranks with dead, lots of bearheaded and bandaged boys as this was a very mixed lot when I picked them up years ago)
my lone Continental unit
I also couldn't part with this Brunswick dismounted dragoon unit
 although it causing much problems fitting it in to the scheme of things!

armed slaves (previously from Foundry).  Note the beautifully long muskets! 
Oh, of course that large, and painted(!) horde of armed slave/native militia types, which suggests a campaign in the Caribbean. Could then use the French but no "Marbleheaders" nor Brunswick Dragoons.  Oh dear.

 While I should be thinking more about organizing my bank payments, this is taking up some thought. Too much really but I hate loose threads.  The mind of a obsessed wargamer.


  1. Love the striped ticking on the dismounted dragoons. Outstanding!

    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Jonathan. It is one of the reasons I have not parted with the unit which I painted years ago...when my hand was steadier and eyesight better.....