Thursday, 21 November 2013

New lighting over the table

It is not for lack of trying as I have been painting much over the past while, but nothing really completed.   I have painted another 4 elements of Prussians and got only to the flocking stage when I started on the next batch.  I have been in 'total concentration' to get the Prussians done so I can truly get a proper historical scenario in the works. But, heck, is this project a big bite full.

So with nothing reporting and some time since the last post, this rather dated post about my new lighting which I installed after pushing my 'fear' of playing with electricity aside. (I really must try to learn more about it...)

 I bought I new lighting fixture for over the wargame table.  I was going to go with track lighting but this would entail screwing it up on the ceiling which I did not want to mar and so went with a halogen tri-light.
Creates more direct light on the table but leaves the room darker. "Isn't that the point of all this?" observes my wife.
Yeah, I guess so...
The new lighting fixture. Poor photo BTW, it is brighter in reality. I have an old torchiere style lamp helping the situation.


  1. Electricity is a dangerous friend. Always wear rubber-soled shoes and get one of those thingummies that check for a current before you start poking around with metal tools. I replaced all my fixtures, switches, and outlets and only electrocuted myself twice. My cousin, who is an electrician, was shocked too--not by electricity, but by the fact that I did it myself. I don't think his concern was for my safety; I think that being a union man he resented my scab work.

    1. Well David, I did make the first touch of the open wires a light one - just in case! But the appliances do have a simple 'white wire to white wire' installation for idiots like me. Not too bad. But anything else will need a professional. My wife had 911 on speed dial during the whole procedure......