Monday, 4 November 2013

Prussian Jagers

The scope of the developing rules suggest the big picture, not the minutia of small tactics.  The elements are suppose to consist of many battalions, light companies, skirmishers and the like.  But Napoleonics without Jagers, Rifles, and all the known famous 'light' units?!

The completion of my Prussian Jagers has us looking at how to involve those elements we want/will create.  Obviously we shall not them to be all powerful nor create many additional rules or amendments.  Having agreed to keep the numbers low, the light elements while fighting like any other infantry element will not be affected by the disrupting effects of fighting in the tough terrain.  Keeps all simple, which is the supreme focus; convention games require this.

Prussian Jagers.  They will be employed in the I Corps as historically they had a split battalion of the boys to justify the numbers.
The Perrys added one jager pose for each plastic sprue to give the player the option of adding the volunteers who joined each infantry regiment in small numbers.  The single pose is a bit limiting for skirmishers but with different right arm positions and heads and a slightly staggered formation, doesn't give the element too much uniformity.
the rare 'back' view
Not all Prussians were in dark blue (or at least at some point!) as expressed in the 29th Regiment (ex-Berg).  The officers of this and the sister 28th sought to have the men wear their overcoats even during the summer days of June 1815 after the engagement of Gilly early in the campaigns when they felt they were targets in their dark blue regulation uniform contrasting with the rankers white tunics.  I choose not to cover up the nice white of their uniform!
Those of the regiment who obtained their regulation uniform were placed in the second rank on the left.
The Jagers lead the 29th Line into action.  I wanted still a "skirmishy" look but enough 'bulk' to look the part of a whole formation.
Continuing efforts to make nice (and more) terrain for the tabletop.  My "orchard" of blooming trees bought cheap(er) during the annual local hobby store sale. These model railroading trees are quite fragile and were without bases so needed to be drilled and held by the wood base which was flocked to match the matting.


  1. Enjoyed your post. The figures look good!

    1. While I use the blog format to document my wargaming activities, I try to write them with a tiny bit of interesting information should anyone read them. I am happy you enjoy the posts.

  2. Excellent work as always, Doug. The limited poses are similar to the Rifles in the British set. Still they look varied and purposeful enough in formation. Best, Dean

    1. Dean,
      One of the strengths of the Perry sculpting is the natural yet dynamic posing they get. Not the "Hey Steve!" over-the-shoulder yelling pose of, say, Old Glory [ God knows I have enough of those! ] but like you observe, the purposeful stance, as do these jagers. They are all in identical rapid step yet with a few subtle changes, they don't look in unison.

  3. Very nice!

    If you ever grow tired of the uniformity for the Jäger... Calpe have some fabulous ones!