Wednesday, 16 March 2016

WW1 air game...shot down again...

I like airgames but my piloting skill, frankly, is poor.   My luck also is in short supply.

Case in point.  I am flying around in my new SPAD which I bought.  There were two of us Frenchies vs three Boche.  Should be enough, oui?  No one was getting much success and most of the game was just flying around.  Yeah OK I did get early hits putting "DaveCoke"'s plane on fire - but he put it out.  Everyone was still in the fight. But later, DaveMc, my wing man, decided his damage was too much and scarpered.  The very next turn I ended up in the sights of ALL three German planes!

I was shot down.
Like always.

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  1. Well, I see your problem right off. You should be in the RCFC or RCAF not the Armee de l'Air! I like the mat. Is it a Hotz production?