Thursday, 31 March 2016

Russian Napoleonic Opolchenie

The Battle of Borodino is one of the rare engagements which it is noted that the Russian Militia was armed and formed into combat units.   Around 15,000 were at the battle but most were employed in engineering tasks or in transportation duties.  Some were said to be added to the thinned ranks of the regulars, however, some 7,000 were stated to be formed in the left rear of the Russian position.  Probably militarily useless but....

Some while ago I traded some miscellaneous stuff for different miscellaneous stuff.  In this case for an extra box of Warlord Prussian Landwehr.  Having completed my collection of Prussians for the Waterloo Campaign I did not need anymore but could they work for the Opolchenie?
I am dubious about their combat role but willing to give the Russians at least two of the militia elements. It will take some carving....and modelling...but yeah, if one is not too picky about the details.

With reference guides only offering a vague idea, I had a concept of baggy pants and big beards. The following photos show the vicious scrape marks and filings employed to remove any offending "Prussian" bits.  However I did leave the maltese cross on the caps of course (which was copied by the Prussian Landwehr)

 I had fun using some 'brown stuff' to make the beards - absolutely required to make the boys into the Russian Militia! Can't do much about the Warlord oversized hands however.....

and the final painted version

my Opolchenie in formation.  I speed paint for most of my collections these days and so try to get over four done an hour. I don't do much touch up so please excuse the lack of finish. The "two feet away" rule, you understand.
Backing the Russian regulars and, well, showing their backs.  The fur packs were scraped smooth to give them Russian leather backpacks together with added extra sacks and such to hide the sameness of the only three poses provided by Warlord Miniatures plastics.   Hopefully those readers having those in their collections will not have recognized them!
Close up of their determination to defend the Motherland for the upcoming Battle of Borodino battle.


  1. I think they turned out really nice! By the way, what is brown stuff? Green stuff that's past the pull date?

    1. Hee, hee. No, it is a different mixture thus having seemingly less tension for which I found it easier to move and form. The lack of stickiness does make it much more difficult to attach to the figure which was frustrating. You will see them at the Enfilade Convention in the Borodino game on Saturday.

  2. That's a lot of work, but appears well worth all the effort. They turned out really looking great!

    1. Yes a lot of work but a hobby is a labor of love, is it not. Of course I just could have bought the Perry version which are nice, but these are now the only ones of their kind in the entire world :)
      Thanks for the comments!