Friday, 15 April 2016

Russian Artillery Reserve of Borodino model

The Russians love to have large amounts of their artillery "in reserve" and never more so than at the Battle of Borodino.  Unfortunately its commander forgot his duty, personally leading an attack and got himself killed, disrupting the whole command structure!

Rather than have model upon model of artillery, unrealistically filling up the tabletop,  I thought a more clever way was to have but one model (for the aesthetics alone you understand) and, as we represent the pips of the dice as a battery, to use dice to represent the many batteries the Russians could use.  The pips of these dice then are decreased as they are "moved" to replace the losses of those artillery stands in the fighting.

The two Russian armies which fought at Borodino had a combined 14 foot batteries and five horse batteries which are represented on the stand.  The Horse Batteries are distinguished on this base by the ammuntion box placed near one of the dice frames. One of the "what-ifs" of the game will be the allowance of all the Russian reserve artillery to be used.

The model is the three-horse ammo cart by Perry Miniatures and, as usual from them, nicely done - once all those little flash tags are removed from the metal pieces, of course (sigh).  I added some metal ropes which I had acquired at some point (when??) but match perfectly with the modelled parts on the horses!


  1. What an inspired idea for the Reserve Artillery; looks lovely, Doug!

  2. And so not to do 15 additional limbers! :)
    As always, thanks for the kind word!

  3. Replies
    1. Phil, I am finding that I like the modelling more than just the mere painting. I had fun with this one. Well, besides trying to get the ropes between the d**ned horses! Grin.

  4. Thanks Bill. Mother of invention and all that......

  5. That's a lot of dice on one stand! Great idea for freeing up some table space.

    1. Yup THE most potent element on the table
      However it can not fire and can only resupply existing artillery stands - which still follows the spirit of the historical battle