Monday, 4 April 2016

Battle of Dennewitz game

As I had all the set up already prepared, I gave myself two concurrent sessions at the local
"Trumpeter Salute" Convention to replay the 1813 battle having the Prussians (and only Prussians for the most part) under Bulow (without much support from the Russians nor Swedes thanks to his commander Bernadotte) attacking the French and allies under Ney.  Bulow saw his opportunity as Bertrand's corps was isolated on the wrong side of the bridge at the village of Dennewitz.

Both JimF and PeterM were veterans of the first try and we were joined by Ken and interestingly by ChuckH who worked with Sam Mustafa play testing his rules Blucher. I wondered how he picked up on my rules so quickly, but apparently they are very similar to that which I and my friends have created at the same time.  The expression 'great minds think alike' comes to mind. I have listened to Sam's interviews and explanations of his rules and heck, yes, very close in concept.

Good then that I can use his campaign ideas!

Anyway,  the first go went much like the original game.  The French wisely set up all their artillery on the hills. The Prussians strength reduced by all this iron coming at them did not have the capacity to overwhelm the French line even with the artillery rules changed from the experience of the first game. To prevent "battery sniping" and, unless the player pays command points to order the concentration of fire upon but one target, the player is encouraged to 'spread the wealth' of fire upon multiple targets.  While the artillery did it's job,  the concept seemed to work and will, I think, be a benefit to the Borodino game with the huge amount of artillery available.
Looking south with the Prussians on the right and the French and their allies occupying the centre hills.  Oudinot's  corps is  in column at the far end of the table.

The game went well a just took the time available for the first session. The players moved on to the other games they signed up for so wargaming buddy ThomasM a very experienced Napoleonic player offered to take me on for the rest of the evening so I reset the scenario with him taking the Prussians and I in the role of Ney.  With the two games of failed Prussian assaults, I increased their endurance and had Oudinot's command come in later to see if that would create a more historical and even affair.  It did, along with Thomas's good generalmanship. The balance of the battle was close but being midnight (!) and having played for 10 hours (!!) we called it a night.
The French Cavalry Corps under Gen.Arrighi. Yes, the whole corps (albeit a small one) Each element is brigade/plus sized. 

still plenty of maneuver space.  we need to double the numbers then!

the Italians of Bertrand's Corps


  1. Haha. I liked your comment on doubling the numbers to kill the maneuver space. I sometimes wonder if napoleonics shouldn't be called: TRAFFIC COP, THE HISTORICAL VERSION.

    1. I made the observation as a Napoleonics fanatic but then, well, rationality came forth and I struck the notion. Sad really.......

  2. Great looking game! Its always interesting to take a scenario to a convention and see what others will do with it.

    1. All my scenarios are carefully set to the historical precedent so the benchmark is if they go close to the historical action or have that ability to do so. Sometimes it takes a few goes at it to tweek either the timing of reinforcements or the capacity of the formations to get to close to the original action.
      As always thanks for the kind comments, Bill