Friday, 22 April 2016

Russian "villages" for Borodino

Do note the quotation marks around the word 'villages' as indeed they are but one building.  However, for the ground scale we are using, the models play the part.

While the villages of Utitsa and Gorki were not a scene of important fighting during the Battle of Borodino, they will serve during the game the function as victory condition points - the side holding them with the superior gain. The Russians have the initial advantage as these villages are behind their lines and thus the onus is on the French to attack and take them.

The models are simple affairs of a foam-core frame covered in coffee stir sticks and thin dowels.
And yes, for the architect muttering before his computer screen about the lack of certain building necessities, I will mention that no windows or doors were added..... the construction thus so much more simple!!
I will just say that any door must be on the opposite wall .....

The "Village of Utitsa" of the Russian left flank. 
"Utitsa".  The Russian Guard unit
provides a scale reference.
Representing the Village of Gorki on the Russian right flank
Again, the newly painted Russian Imperial Guard infantry providing a scale to the buildings which must fit onto a base not much larger than an element's base width.
Obviously these buildings can be used for any 28mm/20mm game and not too overtly Russian but still historical enough to play the part, I think.


  1. Replies
    1. wonderfully without windows...or doors even. Grin.
      thanks for the comment

  2. Nice post. I am looking at creating something similar for later periods. WW2 these certainly cross periods.

    1. Fairly timeless are buildings before the modern era. A satellite dish on the thatch gives a newer buildings away.....

  3. Lovely Doug. They are going to look a treat on the tabletop.