Friday, 8 April 2016

Spagetti lances and twig fences

I received my Perry order to complete my Russian contingent. Can't do that without getting some Cossacks, of course. They have lances. Perry supply very nice metal ones however, as we all have encountered,  they have a tendency to get themselves twisted.  I have never liked the wobbly look so have always used straight hard wire.  But I have never thrown away all those lead lances of the past.

While glancing at old wargamer glossies, I came across a photo of game with real twig 'wicker' fences and, well, lightbulb!

So the next day, when doing some 'gluing' of cavalry onto horses using green stuff which is nicely sticky when new and fills in gaps in the seat.  However as usual I overestimated the amount needed.  Rather than to waste, I thought to use some to attach and support stakes on a stick.  After I cut off the lance tips of the newly purposeful malleable metal rods so they can be thread through.

early test:
old metal lances and spears with the tips cut off.  a rather quick and haphazard try but the idea could work....
we shall see how this proceeds in a future effort.


  1. Excellent! I have been making temporary fortifications with left over green stuff and wire ends. Slow process when it only gets done with left overs, this screen wall my go faster with the materials you have on hand.

  2. Oh this too is a "what to do on the patio on a summer afternoon in the sun" type 'project'