Sunday, 1 April 2012

The ICF (Britain's Bad Boys) completed

Excited about the 'green stuff' work I had done on these figures (previous blog entry: link ) I rushed ahead and did a quick paint job on them with basing to have them ready (I am getting to the point where I have no patience that a sign of getting old? <grin>)

Anyway, while I dislike the work of Monet and van Gogh, my paint style has always been kinda 'impressionist'. It stems from my "get'um done fast, I got another thousand to go" style and thus I got the unit done in about two hours with another half hour for basing.  But I thought I give you the results of my 'green stuff' efforts. Trust me, on the table at two feet away it looks fine! :-)

the ICF in the traditional frontal view

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